Our partners in the Hero network.

Whether Dominik Tanner personally manages all the relevant services for you as a central contact person or our team is only active in the background to provide support, we define together. Your requirements determine which services we choose to suit you. Because agility and lean are not buzzwords for us. On the contrary: we live it. Every day. With strong and experienced network partners.

Marketing specialists

For more extensive market studies and systematic focus group interviews, you are supported by highly experienced and strategically highly skilled
Marketing specialists, who also have excellent knowledge of the focus sectors.

Communications agency

For questions and challenges regarding the design or adaptation of your communication tools for the German market (online, print, social media), a successful and renowned Communications agency in the Hero network.

Law and tax consultancy firm

Once you have made a successful first start in the market, the question of the future legal and tax setup Together with a law firm and a tax consultancy, we can offer you a complete full-service package for advice and support in setting up your own German organisation, including the establishment of a German GmbH.

Technical service

For manufacturers in the field of technical building equipment or construction elements, one of our network partners offers a ready-made service organisation as a plug-and-play solution technical service, complaints and spare parts management technical service, complaints and spare parts management or assembly at the end customer.

Digital market research

Digital market research using Google Analytics and other tools is carried out by a specialised agency with extensive experience and excellent references.

Public Relations

For all aspects of Public Relations a possibility not to be underestimated, especially in the field of interior design-related products, to build up a brand and a corresponding image - we work with a renowned PR and communications agency that is very well established in our focus industries.  Here, we work on your brand image and brand awareness in a targeted manner and at the highest level - and this is exactly how you become visible.

Recruiting Service

Good, qualified personnel is rare these days, even in Germany. With our recruiting service, we support you in your search for the first employees for your sales organisation. Whether it's a sales office account manager or a managing director for your German company: together with three very well-connected personnel consultancies, each specialised in one sector, we will find the right personnel for a successful start in the German market.

Market entry in other countries

In addition to market entry support in Germany, our Hero network also includes partner consultancies with relevant industry experience in the USA for market entry in North America and in Italy for market entry in Italy, Malta and Israel.