We are specialists for sales in Germany.

Did you know that German business partners appreciate it when you adapt to them in terms of communication, the way you present yourself and the expectations of reliability and precision? Or to put it another way: that it is important to speak the language of the decision-makers at all levels, from the DIY store salesperson at the shelf to the specialist buyer to the managing director at corporate headquarters? When starting sales in Germany, it is often these details and cultural aspects that determine success or failure. With an experienced partner and industry expert at your side, you can avoid mistakes and achieve sales success much faster.

Before you enter the German market, questions like these are sure to come up:

Are there even customers for my product in Germany?

Does our design meet the taste of the users in the target market?

We don't speak the language. How should we communicate with potential customers?

Sales representatives have promised us a lot, but then no sales resulted. How do we make sure that our representative is really committed to us?

How do we quickly get into direct contact with the big key accounts?

What are the requirements and bureaucratic challenges of working with large German companies?

And last but not least: Isn't entering the German market too time-consuming and expensive for us?

Your questions are valid! With over 20 years of experience in international sales we know what it feels like to start from scratch in a foreign market - and what challenges you should expect.

With HERO Products & People, we have therefore founded an expert network that offers you support in precisely this area. This service is unique so far and is structured in defined modules at a fixed price. This means that it is clear and transparent for everyone involved right from the start which services will cost what - and your market entry project will become predictable.

We support your market entry in following sectors:

Plumbing and Technical Building Equipment

Furniture Trade and Industry

Building Elements

Do it yourself, Home Improvement

Interior Design, Architectural Sales and Project Sales